Typology / Modality


Funding Program

Lisbon 2020


CHIC's overall objective is to develop a set of products, services and systems, based on open and interoperable platforms, to create a true national line in this area.

In this context, a set of specific objectives is foreseen, namely:

(i) Promote the migration of current systems of capture, production, management, distribution of content into a Cloud based paradigm, thus allowing the creation of flexible workflows, open systems and new business models that address the needs of current clients and the specifics of future clients, also promoting a process relocation and a natural scalability of the solutions found;

(ii) Enhance the national historical and cultural heritage through introduction of new methodologies and technological artefacts for preservation, facilitation of access and interaction with them, with the purpose of, on the one hand, improving the public service provided to national and to the Diaspora and, on the other hand, creating expeditious mechanisms for the internationalization of these same contents;

(iii) Improve the quality of service (QoS) and end-user experience (QoE) of content by designing and conceptualizing new immersive, enhanced or significantly improved quality environments that increase the number of content views produced and that, in this way, induce the production of new contents, positively re-feeding the value chain and making possible the creation of new jobs, as well as the identification of new business opportunities in Portugal and abroad.