Management, distribution and monetization of online contents.

Skoiy is a suite of media platforms targeted for 4 areas – archiving and cataloging, media distribution, monetization and OTT premium solutions. It was thought out in detail to optimize the management and projects workflow.

Manage portals and publish content
A platform that enables editorial content online management, responding to the need to manage portals or blogs and to facilitate the publication of news at any time.
Professional online ad management
Skoiy Ads is an ad distribution platform that gives you great ease in management, greater reach and profitability.
Archiving and sharing photos and documents
Online asset management and archive platform (images, photos, galleries and documents) that streamlines the process of searching, storing and disseminating albums/image galleries.
Video search, archive and share
An active video archive of high-quality and performance that optimizes video search, store and share processes.
Online video professional management
Skoiy Video is a video distribution platform that gives you complete content control, ease of management, increased reach, cost-effectiveness and security.
Deliver premium video experiences your fans will love
We empower sports leagues, teams and rights holders to deliver remarkable TV experiences to fans worldwide.
Management and distribution of live video
Skoiy Live is a scalable, high-quality and high-performance live streaming platform that lets you manage and deliver live video content quickly and easily to any device.
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