What's a Viral Video?

What's a Viral Video?

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17 May, 2014 -
Reading time : 2 min

A viral video was not necessarily created to be so, but it possesses some details which call the viewer’s attention and make it shareable.

Those details give these videos great popularity due to their circulation on the web. 

It’s not easy to make a video go viral (even if it has good content) and, more importantly is that it is not his author that decides. But, if the content of the video is nice and exciting for the public, it is halfway to success.


1. Good content

It’s important to have a story around the video: the story and the way it’s told is more important than its length.

Audiences want to be entertained, and so they need a compelling story.                   

Good background music is good too and should be related to the content, except for the videos which need their own natural sound.


2.Title and tags: how to get to the video

A simple and clean title is required for any content which has to call the public’s attention. By definition, the title has to summarize the subject of the presented content in the fewest possible words. If the title is attractive, the visit is almost granted!

A complete description is something important too: in case of a not-so-enlightening or not-so-attractive title, the viewer will still see what the video is about.

It’s important to pay attention to the words of the title and the key-words of the description, because in a web search those words will make the difference between the viewer finding the video or not. As well as the tags of the video, that should also be suitable.


3.Strong beginning, middle and end.

First of all, you must call the spectator’s attention, and then surprise him/her during the whole video, involving him/her emotionally. The story should have a nice beginning and call people’s attention to it from the beginning to the end of the story, so the viewer doesn’t lose interest.

Having endearing characters is also important.


4.Embracing audiences: less is more

A short video is the best way to keep the viewer’s attention always with you: too much information is not attractive.

A concise and short video is best; however, the spectator doesn’t like lack of information: you should not hide important details of the story.     

If it’s a long video, it is important to keep the viewer entertained and interested at all time.


5. Creating and sharing emotions

A video that generates any kind of emotion is always more effective that no emotion at all. However, positive emotions (like inspiration or fun) are better than negative ones like fear, anger or nausea.

The most part of viral videos are funny and, for a brand, it’s always convenient to be related with good emotions.