Twitter's Evolution

Twitter's Evolution

Social Media
27 October, 2014 -
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Twitter’s image is changing into a focalized profile and this means you will need to better adapt to this type of profile that is here to stay. From larger profile images to the identification of the best publications, Forbes gives us 4 tips to adjust to this renewed social network.


Images are important!

The images on the cover of Twitter have become bigger. The little image that was aligned on the right does not exist anymore and the cover image now occupies the whole length of the profile with a 1500 x 500 resolution so there is the opportunity to better tell the story of your brand through this image. Therefore, it is important that you keep to the right dimensions and it should also be something more than just a logo. 


Pin your publications

Just like the highlights on Facebook and in order to struggle against that tweet’s short expiration, this social network now enables you to pin your best and most important publications on the top part of your profile. Now you just need to sort out the most important information.


Visual content!

The new Twitter profile includes the possibility to include multimedia content thanks to the increase in importance given to imagery.

Profile images are now also bigger, 400 x 400 pixels and the new profile also catalogues shared images and videos and sets them on the upper part of your profile so you can easily access them.


Check your favorites.

Now your favorite tweets have received a special place and a dedicated link on the upper part of your profile, just below the cover photo. Of course, this will make you think twice before you decide on your favorites so as to not harm your brand in any way.