The Advantages of Blogs

The Advantages of Blogs

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31 October, 2014 -
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There are millions of websites on the Internet but not all of them have an appealing layout, interesting content or regular updates. And this is a problem. Nobody frequently visits a website that doesn’t give them updated information for long periods of time.

It is paramount to invest time in the constant updating of the website: new products, prices, promotions… to focus on your target audience. Here lies the importance of a blog. As there aren’t always sales updates, you should have an area where you can publish interesting articles, at least interesting enough to cause a second or third visit and give rise to an interest in getting to know the brand a little better.


And what are the advantages?

Well, first of all, a blog is not a waste of time but an investment:

- It brings life to a website making it dynamic;

- It enables you to meet the tastes and preferences of your readers/clients, making them become closer to you;

- It focuses on specific issues and associated with good titles and tags it will increase your website’s pagerank (i.e. its position on the search engine) – SEO advantage;

- It encourages your readers and potential clients to return to the page or share the subject (It is important to integrate share buttons);

- It conveys confidence through the demonstration of knowledge;

- It can increase sales (readers may get more interested in the brand, making them explore the website and visit the catalogue) and, in certain links, you can include a direct link to a certain product or service.


Be wary of mistakes spelling, grammatical or formatting errors and of poor translations. Do not get hung up on the copying articles scheme, try to be as original as possible and don’t forget to indicate the source whenever it is based on a pre-existent article.