Outdoor ads and mobile

Outdoor ads and mobile

27 October, 2014 -
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In spite of all the novelties for marketing and publicity digital campaigns, it is important to recognize and remember the older means of communication as television, radio and outdoor publicity which have endured for ages and, though confronted with new techniques, still demonstrate some force in the statistics.

Recent studies have shown that with technological advancement in marketing, companies may achieve much better results than before. Nevertheless, almost as many times as you announce a technological victory, you restate that notion that if you join old publicity strategies to the new advantages of marketing (those which have proven their potential as those still in development), the result of a campaign will most probably be astounding, surpassing any and every expectation.

As proof of such theory, a study from the British Agency Posterscope in partnership with mData, has demonstrated that outdoor publicity is three times more effective by joining the use of mobile data and presents other advantages as the increase in the brands website visitors.

With the aim of finding such statistics and by understanding the consumer’s attitudes outside the house and their movements, they resorted to mobile techniques that included the relationship between the time and place users turned to their mobile devices and the proximity of outdoor publicity, thus registering that these outdoors were effectively influential in these accesses. Furthermore, with such data, the company was able to ascertain that if you join mobile advantages to outdoor publicity you get an incredible 200% increase in potential customers and brand recognition as well as a 150% increase in brand web search.

In conclusion, Posterscope emphasizes that, besides being up-to-date with the news in marketing, it is essential for any company to be able to recognize, organize and interpret data on all their campaigns so as to improve what is shown to the public. Without this analysis capability, it becomes extremely hard for a business to make it in an exceptionally competitive and demanding world.