How will your business benefit with Twitter?

How will your business benefit with Twitter?

Social Media
19 August, 2012 -
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Twitter is one of top social networks used nowadays. So, how can you take some benefits using it in your business? Here are some tips that you can use to promote your business with the Twitter and therefore create a connection with your followers:

1. Have a strong and cohesive image:

Create a visual branding, rewrite a simple and a business oriented bio and adjust your profile picture are just some initial actions that you can consider. A strong visual identity is essential to attract new followers or simply show the power of a brand or company.


2. Establish an organize strategy: 

Organize whom you follow with lists, shadow your customers and be aware of all your business’s comments on Twitter, should be your next steps. A well-organized communication is the basis for your success.


3. Promote your Twitter account: 

Put images on your tweets so that your contents become more attractive and dynamic rather than only text; review and renew your tweet topics and subjects; expand the Twitter conversation to your blog and publicize your Twitter account, are just some more actions that you should consider in your Twitter’s evolution.


Alongside the presented tips, don’t forget to pay attention and listen carefully to your Twitter community, because it is the reason of your existence.