Disadvantages of facebook

Disadvantages of facebook

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17 October, 2014 -
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Facebook is known as the largest social network of our time and everybody talks about its advantages… but aren’t there any disadvantages?

Indeed there are. Facebook has got positive and negative aspects and it is important to know how to increase the pros and diminish the cons. So, the main rule is not to use social networks to promote your business or even as a single channel to reach your audience. And why?

When you have more expenses than profit, the business may not have what it takes to thrive and that is a risk you take when the business depends on a third party…. Many people use Facebook to promote their business because it is free and the public is using this network more and more. However, this changes the terms and conditions on how companies can communicate with customers via this platform and if by any chance any rule is broken, the page is permanently removed thus put an end to all the previous work. 

It’s all about Facebook feudalism: generating content that you do not own because it becomes property of the social network. I.e. you waste time creating a piece of news but as you publish it, it automatically belongs to the platform. And, by applying a lot of effort into bringing customers in through Facebook, you are letting it mess with your business and becoming discrete and instantly a feudal employee.

And also bear in mind that, aside from the possible cancellation of the account, there is always the risk of Facebook itself simply ceases to exist. 

This doesn’t mean that your business should reject social networks, on the contrary, every development should be followed up and the company should keep itself in the vanguard of online marketing. It just means that social networks must not serve as a single strategy, but as a complement. The objective of using Facebook is to create communities, incentivize socialization and bring visitors to your website or blog and later on possible customers.

What you should focus on is having a good website with its own domain and making a good reputation with the offer of products and services.

If you want your business online, don’t waste too much time on “rented space” but with what really matters.